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The Ritual Which Has Been A Part Of My Life - 936 Words

The main ritual which has been a part of my life for almost twenty-three years surrounds my children. When they were babies I found myself unable to relax and sleep without first â€Å"checking in† on them to ensure all was right with their worlds. Each night I would very quietly tip toe into each of their rooms, adjust their blankets, and place their favorite stuffed animal within reach to ward off any nightmares. My final step would be to stroke their tiny head, lean down and place a gentle kiss on their foreheads, and whisper, â€Å"sweet dreams†. If for some reason I was not able to do this I would not sleep peacefully. I felt something was missing or I had forgotten something important. As time passed and my children grew, my nighttime ritual was modified. My oldest son no longer sleeps with his favorite bear, and is rarely asleep when I am ready for bed. With him I now ruffle his hair and kiss his forehead, tell him not to stay up too late, and to have sweet dream s. This ritual seems to suffice as I am able to relax and sleep. However, it was very impractical to try this with my youngest as he is in Bloomington and I am in Converse, so he and I came to an alternate arrangement. Each night, roughly around 10:00pm, I receive a text from him to let me know he is alright. I reply to his text with sweet dreams and try not to study too late. In this way I am still practicing my nightly ritual, albeit an amended one, and am able to sleep knowing all is right with their worlds. ManyShow MoreRelatedMy Religion Essay684 Words   |  3 PagesMy Religion What religion am I? In my life, I have been told many things about my religion. My mother is a Roman Catholic, while my father is Jewish. I have learned about both religions, and I have tried to practice both as best I could, but I am now faced with the decision; which one am I? Christians believe that Jesus is both God and man, incarnation of God, and man -gives man two natures, physical and divined that they are united in one person. Thus the mystery of God becomingRead MoreBlood Wedding By Federico Garcia Lorca1485 Words   |  6 PagesIn 1930s Spain, the ritual of marriage became highly controversial as the 1931 Constitution allowed for divorce to be legal. This caused debate between older and younger generations. The elders of society still had their beliefs deeply rooted in the views of the Catholic Church-, which did not allow for divorce. Nonetheless, the younger generation was more prone to giving into desire and therefore was more open to the idea. The play Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca insinuates the strong importanceRead MoreThe Day Of A Catholic Church Service1245 Words   |  5 Pageswhile attending my weekly Catholic Church service, I strived to analyze the ritualized service. I realized that a service itself is not just comprised of one ritual, but of multiple rituals that are guided by the purpose of ultimately salvaging one’s soul at any given moment by offering one’s time to God. Thus, I sought out to better understand one of the rituals present individually, which is the most important one (though they are all important) present in the service. Such ritual is the blessingRead MoreThe High Heel Drag Race : Victor Turner1242 Words   |  5 Pagesexpect. Although I was somewhat familiar with drag, I’d never been to a show before, and what I saw was an incredibly lively and enthusiastic celebration of sexuality and sensuality. I felt like I was part of something unique and closed-off, that and that anything was allowed in spirit of the performance. My observations that evening have led me to view the whole experience through the lens of Victor Turner’s anthropological perspective on ritual and drama. His perspective is revealing in the discussionRead MoreMy Life as an Orthodox Jew797 Words   |  3 PagesOrthodox Jewish family; so therefore I follow the Torah just like my family taught me. Orthodox Judaism, also known as Conservative Judaism, is a form of Judaism that is very strict and applies the laws and ethics of the Torah. Even though my family is more into the modern orthodox we still follow and respect our religion beliefs, philosophies, and practices. We follow and participate in all Jewish holidays and rituals. As an Orthodox Jew my family follows the daily practices of this religion such us dietaryRead MoreRituals Are A Set Of Actions Performed By Individuals Across Time And Cultures1501 Words   |  7 Pages Rituals are a set of actions performed by individuals across time and cultures, often for religious purposes. Rituals not only play an important role in the community life, but also have had an impact on people’s cultures for a long time. The passage contends that rituals are not easy to change the fundamental format when a society is organized. In other words, rituals have little impact on changing the way where people live; however, following my observation, rituals have affected by outside culturesRead MoreReligion Based On The Art, Architecture And Texts1525 Words   |  7 Pagesthe creation of an object, it probably had a vital purpose to the everyday life in a place so saturated with religion. I feel it is safe to say, that a good number of the physical objects we have from this time period do indeed relate to religious practice in one way or another, in particular to the ritual activity that I find so interesting. For example, we begin to see monuments dedicated to sacred places and the ritual visiting of these places that held holy relics. Another example would be theRead MoreReligion : Hindu Death And Geographical Mobility1750 Words   |  7 Pagesvictims are required to adapt to the domestic laws on death rituals. As Britain has ceased to be a religious dominion, many do not give a second thought to other ‘traditional methods’ that religion requires when a life extinguishes. I find it interesting that on an international platform, religions such as Hinduism follow rituals that have been unaltered for many centuries and yet, here in the Britain we have ruptured the framework as death has become increasingly professionalised. Hindus in BritainRead MoreReligion Is The Oldest Kinds Of Religion Essay1399 Words   |  6 PagesReligions have been present in this world for thousands of year, providing ancient civilizations answers to their questions and a moral code to abide by. Today, religion still serves a similar purpose and more, forming and changing as time goes on. Though religions today may share some elements, they do share their own opinions and preach of different practices, all of them affect or are affected by the modern world. Two forms of religion are animism versus anthropocentrism. Animism religions areRead MoreThanksgiving Day By Melanie Wallendorf And Eric J. Arnould857 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day† by Melanie Wallendorf and Eric J. Arnould. We will also take a look at how Thanksgiving tends to contain family rituals. Thanksgiving is a special time of year where people get together to see family and to indulge in food and good times. Wallendorf and Arnould’s book talk about what tends to take place on Thanksgiving Day and what rituals often take place. I had seen some of the characteristics and rituals mentioned in â€Å"Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving

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