Friday, January 31, 2020

One Lie Leads to Another Essay Example for Free

One Lie Leads to Another Essay Lying is when a person does not tell the truth or does not tell all the facts. Why do people lie? There may be many different opinions and maybe even many different excuses of why people lie. One thing is right thought and that is that lying is considered morally wrong in our society. In the United States Army lying is considered one of the most immoral actions a soldier or anyone else can take towards the army, especially if it’s lying to an NCO. In the army there is a zero tolerance for liars and lying in general. Even thought lying is morally wrong people continue to lie in their everyday lives. As a soldier one must not fall into the temptation or fall below one’s army values and code of conduct. As a soldier one is looked upon and trusted to tell the truth no matter what. Lying to an NCO or officer is not the correct choice for a soldier to make no matter what kind of situation he has gone through, as a soldier you are expected to always respond with the truth and nothing but the truth. One of the reasons a soldier should not lie to an NCO is because Like I said before you might turn lying into another one of your habits in your lifestyle just like smoking and drinking. That is why, as a soldier of the United States Army one must always maintain his integrity and commit himself to always say the truth. Society and other fellow soldiers look up to you and lay their trust on you. But all that trust that is deposited to you by others can go out the window when you tell a lie. You may need another lie to cover your first lie and that is how it might keep going unless you tell the truth or you get caught on the spot. Just like the other habits it may not be so easy to break away from and just like the other habits it might not be good at all, for yourself and the others around you. Lying only keeps getting you into more and more trouble so the best thing to do is to always stick to the truth and wait for the best. He may have to face severe consequences like physical labor or other types of military corrective actions. Lying also only leads to more and more lies. Now his punishment might have been doubled because of that. e if he is caught lying he might find himself in a worst situation. One lie leads to another and then to another and so on and so on. The NCOs can be looked upon as the representatives of the people in the United States Army and lying to them can be viewed as lying to the people. You now hold a large responsibility in your hands as soon as you wear the uniform of the United States Army.

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